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The 1 thing that could change weekends forever

Lavanda. Cool name. Game changer.

I’ve just seen the promised land…and it’s all Downey fresh, Uberishly easy, quick, convenient, nice smelling and CLEAN!

Oh Lavanda, I can hear you calling.

 The startup operates on a simple premise: You hate doing laundry, and if it’s convenient enough, you’ll probably pay someone else to take it off their hands.


Lavanda isn’t the first internet-based laundry service. The difference is that Lavanda is all about on-demand service. When you place a request, your laundry is picked up roughly 24 minutes later and returned within 24 hours, at the time of your choice.

Me: ummm, can you possibly come pick up my dirty towels, gym clothes, jeans and t-shirts?

Lavanda: gimme 24 minutes to get to your house and I’ll have them all back to you tomorrow. That work?

Me: ummm, OH. HELL. YEAH.

Lavanda is speedy AND customer-friendly. No special sorting of your laundry is required, extras like starch on shirt collars come free of charge, and they even hand-wash delicates that might not fare so well in the machine.


What’s up with the name Lavanda? The founder aka smartest-man-in-the-universe explains that it’s a Latin word meaning “for the purpose of washing.”  Doesn’t hurt that lavender has always been used to refresh clothes.

In fact, Lavanda includes handmade bags of lavender with every order as a finishing touch.


Is it possible to fall completely and totally in love with a start-up?

Tech Crunch points out that Lavanda is EVERYWHERE, like Twitter, LinkedIn, apps in the Apple and GooglePlay stores.

Lavanda is everywhere. Almost.

Everywhere but here.

Lavanda is London based and London only.

The Royals get all the luck.

Stateside the Lavanda compeition is called Washio.

Big diff tho.

Washio offers the “convenience “of scheduling pickup and delivery in advance.  Washio is over-estimating the so-called convenience factor.

Who needs one more thing to organize, remember and do in advance? The to-do list is already one giant pain in the tookus.

How much better would it be to look at the tall tower of laundry waiting for you on a Saturday morning and say “not today laundry, not today.”


I have seen the future of my laundry.  And it looks a helluva lot like Lavanda.


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It’s true. Menopause CAN suck more. How is that even possible?

So, shocking news reports this week about why menopause seems endless.  Simply put, it is endless. Really menopause? Really?


8 out of 10 middle-aged women already live through the holy hell that is hot flashes and night sweats. Imagine our delight that the “promised” short term of menopausal suffering is pretty much rainbows and unicorns.

The average is 7-ish years, which is plenty long. But docs now say that the euphemistically called “change” often lasts  much longer.

Like fourteen years.

Yeah. Fourteen. Years.

Who knew?  Oh. wait.

Image result for menopause funny

This was news that grabbed the ever-fleeting nee menopausal attention of women over a certain age.  An age like oh, say, MINE.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association was based on seventeen years of data when researchers from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, analyzed info from menopausal women. That must have been a fun job.

In a silver lining sorta way this is “told ya” confirmation for some of us. And by us, I mean those of us who have already been menopausal for over a decade. Nice to know that we aren’t actually as crazy as we seem.

Young women don’t kid your sweet young selves. Men count yourselves as lucky sons of guns. Before this news menopause already sucked. Everything about menopause sucked. Weight gain, loose jiggly skin, wild hormonal mood swings and memory loss. What’s not to love? For fourteen years.


Some women are lucky enough to go through menopause quickly. But the study found something else. In an especially vicious twist of fate the women who start menopause early also go through menopause longer.

How women respond to the inevitability of menopause defines us. Some of us turn bitter. Others find a way to quietly soldier on.

IMHO, the best thing about menopause of any length means laughing at ourselves. It’s really just more time to embrace the sisterhood of middle-aged women who are unafraid to laugh at themselves.

Let’s jiggle our skin, spanx up our tummies, and have another glass of wine.

Hey, “the change”… I’m LMAO.




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Well, slap my paycheck and call me Sally!

Some guys still hold the door open for women. Nothing wrong with that, everybody likes a little chivalry now and then.



But ICYMI some places are holding the door shut.  Whole states.

Spoiler alert: if the whole battle of the sexes makes you throw up in your mouth a little bit you should probably stop reading now.

So if you are still reading…new census bureau data out in the really, who-didn’t-know-this category indicates that women make up darn near half the work force. And now, a new report out says that some states are tougher places for a gal to bring home the bacon, let alone fry it up in a pan!

Tell your mom, your sis, your daughter or your BFF that if you are of the female persuasion and a fan of stuff like equal pay, management positions and good health care, you may want to cross the ten worst states off of your relo list.

To determine the worst states for women, some folks used a newer methodology based on the Center for American Progress’ 2013 report, “The State of Women in America.”


door shut

The new info, put together by those braniacs at 24/ used a coupla other kinda important factors besides the pay rates like the poverty rate for women, the percentage in government and the infant mortality rate.

Lots of reasons why, lotta history there, but the bottom line is that on average women earn about 79 cents for every dollar that a man earns.


The top ten worst aka bottom ten states when you factor in the new date are these:

  1. Kansas
  2. Alabama
  3. Indiana
  4. South Dakota
  5. Montana
  6. North Dakota
  7. Mississippi
  8. Idaho
  9.   Wyoming
  10. Utah


Hard to change things overnight, but this sure seems like a LOT of nights already. Complicated stuff because critics say that modern day feminist politics has co-opted working women into nothing more than bargaining chips during elections. Meanwhile the regular working stiff gals are left getting groceries at Wal-Mart, buying BOGO shoes at Payless and wondering if anybody cares.

It’s a puzzle allright.


Final word?

If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody gonna be happy.

Just sayin’