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Blockbuster much? Jurassic Trailer at twelve million views in ONE day!

Know what’s better than fresh popcorn and good seats? If you are Stevie Spielberg it’s a movie so anticipated that twelve million people watch the trailer in the first twenty fours hours after the release.

The trailer.

Not. The. Movie.

Yeah. That’s happening.

Spielberg didn’t direct this Jurrasic movie, but he was the Executive Producer – read that creative control and lots of cash. So the trailer has been long awaited

Again, not talking about the movie but the TRAILER.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know much about Jurrasic World; think Chris Pratt meets Disney World dino-style.



Kind of a fun view. Watch this:

It’s a good trailer. CNN  raves about it:

Be sure to check out that water show involving what looks to be a basilosaurus leaping out of the water to devour a shark!

Allrighty then. Creatures eating sharks are always cool.

Just two small problems.

Haters gonna hate. Scientists are already pointing out the scientific shortcomings in the movie.

Because apparently we non-nerds were in danger of believing that the movie WAS REAL. And the fact lovers at CNN couldn’t resist and took the scientfic bait:

While the movie might not win any awards for scientific accuracy, the trailer has certainly built up a lot of anticipation for its summer 2015 release — not to mention the fact that we don’t get a good look at that genetically modified dinosaur that terrorizes many in the park.

Got it. The dinosaurs in the movie trailer aren’t real.

And then there are the trailer lovers. Millions of ’em. sea the trailer greatness comes because the trailer reminds us of Jaws, ET, Alien, Hunger Games and oh yeah, Jurassic Park all rolled into one.

Therein lies the second problem.

The trailer is the whole movie…drama, emotion, dino-sized surprises and all. After joining the millions of people who’ve already watched the trailer you will feel like you’ve already seen the movie. Kind of flies in the face of what the trailer was supposed to do. Dontcha think?

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The tiny hamsters are killin’ it again. Tiny meals mean big numbers.

Cat videos are so 2010. Know what gets watched millions and millions and millions of times on YouTube these days?

Tiny hamsters. Eating tiny food.

When a tiny hamster ate a tiny burrito earlier this year the YouTube video got nine million views.

Just let that sink in for a minute.

Nine MILLION views.

Yeah. That is a tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito.
Yeah. That IS a tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito.

Sensing a tsunami of popularity the brains behind the videos, who happen to be an advertising/social media company called Hello Denizen followed with a tiny hamster eating tiny birthday cake. Boom. Nearly four million more views.

And every time a hamster-turned-mini-celeb eats a hot dog or birthday cake millions of peeps check out the vids. Tiny hamsters are so cool.

With turkey day in our sights, it can only mean one thing.Tiny thanksgiving for tiny hamsters.


Unlike the burrito, birthday cake or hot dog eating, this is a whole meal. That’s gotta mean guests…it IS the biggest meal of the year after all. So two tiny hamsters shared the bountiful feast with a rabbit and a rat. Because why not? Everybodys gotta eat.

Great article in the WaPo about how the videos are made but the short version is trained hamsters (yeah, that’s a thing) hamster-safe recipes, 12 hour photo shoots and unmitigated cuteness.


Best quote about why anybody would go to the time/trouble of devising recipes for the look-alike foods used in all of the videos?

Well, you can’t just plop a burrito down in front of a hamster and expect him to eat it.

No words. Really.