Newest ‘zebra’ Sarah Thomas can kick you-know-what at the NFL

Sarah Thomas. Game changer. Literally.


Today the NFL hired Thomas as its first female official, according to USA Today.  And to think, it only took 95 years.

No snark though, it’s all good.

Yes, the National Football League DOES have to make up a lot of ground after bungling their way through innumerable domestic violence charges against their stars.

Yes, the NFL needs to get their sh*t together on many fronts.  Some 77 players have been arrested on domestic violence charges since 2000.  Yeah, ‘getting their sh*t together’ is too kind. The NFL is a hot mess.

Since 1920 the NFL has typified all things man-cave and boys-night-out, but the NFL desperately needs women watching, cheering, buying tickets and hunkering down in front of the flat screen.

Don’t buy it? You’d be wrong cuz women, and the companies who depend on them, have already helped the NFL top a record $9.5 billion in revenue last year, according to the Washington Post.

Nielsen data shows women have grown to represent more than a third of the league’s average viewership. Fox said its female football viewing audience had hit a record high.

Yeah baby, pro football needs the ladies.

Can we draw a direct line from hiring Sarah Thomas to the NFL understanding woman?

Of course not.

That’s almost insulting to the years of hard work that got Sarah Thomas to this job.


But maybe the NFL is putting a little of their money where their mouth is.

The kick-ass part of this news? My fave?

Like nearly all “barrier breaking” women Ms. Thomas didn’t go all Gloria Steinem to get there.

The former college athlete, successful Division 1 college football official and mom to three has just worked hard.

Very. Hard.

Thomas works full time as a pharmaceutical rep and lives in Brandon, Miss. with her husband and fam.

Bottom line?

The NFL would be smart to think about real women like their newest line judge Sarah Thomas.

Every successful NFL player, coach, ref and owner probably had a hard working, strong, determined mom that was a lot like, well like Sarah Thomas.

Think about that.



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