3 things you don’t know about girl scout cookies

Diet busting comes every year with a simple knock on the door.

You peek through the peephole…

A girl with a form and a pencil waiting hopefully, her mom in the car at the curb.


Girl Scouts. Selling cookies.

“Carb watching be damned, go away gluten free – it’s time for buyin’ and eatin’ me some GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Thank you Lawd.”

Who could say no? Apparently not many cuz we buy 300 million boxes of cookie goodness. Every year. 300. Million.


“Oh, I’ll just have a thin mint or two.” Said no one ever. 40 calories a cookie isn’t TOO bad, but the soul who can eat only one thin mint remains elusive.


Think if you don’t answer the door the tasty treats disappear?


The fiendishly delicious cookie temptation also comes in the form of a girl who cleverly sets up a card table outside of the grocery store. Said scout is a cheery little hard-to-say-no-to child while Mom’s behind her keeping a watchful eye on the cash box.


“Thin mints are delicious straight from the freezer so another box or three won’t go to waste.  And you really need another one of those Samoas because the boxes are so freakin’ small!”

So savor those cookie crumbs because your waist line is your own biz. Here are three mint-flavored tidbits to share over coffee and cookies tomorrow:

1. Five of the last six First Ladies have all rocked the iconic green sash and beret.

We’re talking  Girl Scout cookie-selling-machines!

  • Michelle Obama
  • Laura Bush
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Nancy Reagan
  • Rosalyn Carter


ICYMI some other not-too shabby babes said “oh hell yeah” to the girl scout thing:

  • Taylor Swift
  • Condoleeza Rice
  • Venus Williams
  • Lucille Ball
  • Celine Dion
  • Martha Stewart
  • Sandra Day O’Connor
  • Marlo Thomas
  • Shari Lewis
  • Reese Witherspoon


2. The girl scout cookie makers are meanies.  The peeps who make the cookies were called out on social media last week after forcing workers into some overtime shifts. Lots of ’em.

Be nicer, Girl Scout tells cookie maker’s CEO. Second-year Girl Scout 8 year old Lily DeRosia said she felt sympathy for women who work at the Louisville, Ky., factory that produces Girl Scout cookies after reading an article on employees’ complaints of long shifts and mandatory overtime.


She wrote: “You should change this because it would make the world a better place.” 

Now her concerns have forced the national Girl Scouts of the USA to respond — and drawn praise from beleaguered Kellogg Snack workers.

Her mother, the Rev. Melissa DeRosia, put the letter on Facebook at Lily’s request and mailed the petition and letter to CEO John Bryant at Kellogg’s Battle Creek, Mich., headquarters.

 Turns out that nobody messes with the green-sashed cookie sellers.

3. The Girl Scouts finally went digital and launched a mobile app and scout online stores called Digital Cookie this year.

Scouts had the option to market their online cookie business by inviting customers to visit their personalized cookie websites through a link sent via email.
Other girls took in-person orders using a unique mobile app designed specifically for Girl Scouts.
Both options also take credit cards.
Because stepping away from the Girl Scout cookies wasn’t quite hard enough.

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