Hasbro to exchange phallic Play Doh toy. The toy story that didn’t #breaktheinternet.

Toymaker Hasbro has decided to take their Play Doh Playset and go home. Sorta. Actually they’ve decided to offer an exchange for a Play-Doh toy that looks like a penis.

Because, well you know.

If you didn’t have any kids eagerly ripping open Play Doh gift sets this year you may have missed the story. According to Huff Po:

Hasbro Inc. has been fielding a host of complaints this holiday season from parents horrified to find that the “extruder tool” found in the Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain Playset looks exactly like a penis.  



The extruder tool is meant to help decorate Play-Doh cakes, meaning that Play-Doh “frosting” is meant to be pushed out of the tip of the tool.

The extruder looks just like a penis. Said no child ever.

Hasbro has been making Tonka Trucks, Candyland games and Star Wars toys for years and years and years. Hasbro is good at toys.


The “outrage” over a phalic shaped Play Dough tool is nothing more than a little R & D misstep and some faux horrified on the part of parents who have a lotta time on their hands.

Most parents seemed to find the story more funny than offensive and suggested that everybody just calm-the-hell-down.

Being a successful toymaker doesn’t mean that you are all hip to the the FB & Twitter scene though.

Social media excels at rocketing a trending post it into the stratosphere of outrage.


When the negative posts started showing up on the PlayDo social media sites, Hasbro began removing each critical message.

Because nothing says “oops, we really value your opinion” like removing your tweets & posts. Hasbro’s first line of defense felt like damage control by Gi Joe.

The toymaker learned the hard way that Facebook and Twitter aren’t toys.

Oh Hasbro, the year 2000 called and said you have to let people post their own opinions when you’ve asked for them…by setting up social media accounts!

Hasbro finally figured it out and posted this for the pissed parents:

Customers who want a replacement extruder for this item can contact Hasbro’s Customer Service Department at 800-327-8264. 

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