Florida overtakes New York in population. ORANGES are the new black.

Florida has just edged out New York! Raise an over-sized glass at Margeritaville in the Keys and toast the sunny southern tip of America.

New census data out says that the sunshine state just took a big old bite out of the big apple, or at least out of NY state. Florida is now the third most populous state after California and Texas. The home of the City That Never Sleeps slips to fourth place and is another sign that east coast growth is so last century.

Long known for theme parks, gators, curl-killing humidity and retirement, cough*old people* cough, the population of The Sunshine State is now growing by hundreds of people every day. EVERY. DAY.


Can’t say that for the likes of Buffalo, Schenectedy, Rochester or even NYC.

Jobs? Quality of life? Affordable housing?

Step aside eastern seaboard snobs, this is a job for Florida.

What’s up with Florida?

No, it’s not what you think – the population growth is not senior citizen intensive.


No state income tax and no snow have always sounded pretty attractive. But more than that, the people are friendly, the population is diverse and the state is virtually surrounded by wide sandy beaches.

Helloooo relo.

This time of year the east coast is surrounded by fog, freezing drizzle, short tempers and stupid slow traffic. Florida is sounding better all the time, even to the House of Cards wannabe’s.

Course haters gonna hate and Florida’s got plenty of ‘em.


Trailer parks, Girls Gone Wild spring breakers, a propensity for wearing flip flops and America’s most outlandish, stupid criminals make “ef ell” an easy target.

But laugh all you want.

Moving vans and motor homes clog I-95 South 365 and 24/7.

Note to self; those northbound lanes are running wide open.


Oh and there is just one more tiny thing about Florida.

Florida’s status as the single biggest political swing state renders it super important to politicians and pollsters these days.

Remember the Presidential election re-count in 2000?

537 votes from Florida decided the Presidency.

So wether you vote red or blue, caucus all you want in Iowa, New Hampshire or in Ohio. It’s all gonna come down to the voting in Florida.

You can sell the Uggs on e-bay on your way down.


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