Big bra recall. Japanese bras have unsafe underwire. Owwww.

Millions of women wear them every day. Those little scraps of lace and elastic called lingerie equate to more than high fashion “support” and hand washing. Lingerie is a lucrative biz, raking in 12 billion bucks a year in the U.S.

Billion with a B.

Most of those billions are related to bras…they account for the largest share of the lingerie industry revenue in 2014, about 48.0%


So a bra RECALL is gonna rock a lot of worlds.

A. Bra. Recall.


Faulty cars are recalled all the time. Bad food is recalled too.

Barely even makes news anymore.

But THIS recall, now this is a recall to remember.

TOKYO (Reuters) – A Japanese lingerie maker is recalling more than 20,000 brassieres after complaints that underwires suddenly poked out, sometimes while women were wearing them.

They don’t want any of the “girls” to get hurt. Bra safety? Nailed it.

A bra recall is a little weird, but it’s all good.

Know what else is a little weird?

Triumph International. Makers and recallers of the underwire underwear.

The Japanese division of lingerie maker Triumph International, which has made a name for itself with concept lingerie such as a solar-powered bra and an “Abenomics” bra that honored Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic revival plan, said they took the move due to fears of injury.

So much wrong with that.

Solar powered bras? To do what?

Bras named after the PM’s economic revival plan? Because?

Triumph International be damned. It’s time for bra safety. Friends don’t let friends wear unreliable underwire.

Seriously. Bra recalls? Nobody’s got time for that. Bras are a part of life. Can’t live with ’em (especially if they’ve been recalled) can’t live without ’em. Every day women have to strap them on, pull up their big girl panties and show up.

According to The Creative Savings Blog: The right bras should make you feel confident and beautiful.


If a bra made us look like that…well, yeah.

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