Santa’s Elves Goin’ Postal? USPS ho ho hopes not with Sunday Delivery

“Oh goodie! I’ve been HOPING for snail mail delivery on Sunday.” Said no one officeReady or not Virginia, if you live in a large American city you too will be oh so lucky and getting mail delivered on Sunday during the holiday season.  Beginning this coming weekend the U.S. Postal Service will deliver packages on Sundays to homes in major U.S. cities and other high-volume areas.  Be still your heart. Right?

According to the WSJ:

The Postal Service has been aggressively chasing e-commerce business this year as it seeks to act more like a business. In addition to partnering with Amazon for Sunday deliveries in more than 20 different markets, it has been testing an early-morning grocery delivery service with the e-commerce giant in the San Francisco area.

The agency also slashed prices on a number of Priority Mail packages for its biggest customers in September in an effort to compete more closely with United Parcel Service and FedEx Corp.

The home delivery goodness  starts Nov. 17 and continues through Christmas Day because the Postal Service has a special arrangement with Amazon to perform Sunday deliveries. What’s up with this? 

BEST mailman

Well,  as Americans shop -till -they -drop and ship-till-they-whatev the  experts predict online spending will grow between 8% and 13% this season.  That’s some big shipping bucks right there. And since the Postal Service  continues to bleed money this seems like an opportunity to “pump itself up” with an infusion of Christmas cash.

Probably not the worst idea. Pretty proactive thinking  from the folks that perfected crappy customer service before it was a thing.

Good start for the Post Office but without goin’ all bah humbug it’s going to take more than some Sunday driving to get the USPS back on financial track.  

Hater or not, you gotta love these! RudolphStamps


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