Finding the Right Credit Card been a real Time Suck?

So this happened. The fine folks at Apple are all like; “Apple Pay is even better than an apple a day” and the rest of the world says “huh?”

Even the hipsters aren’t sure what Apple Pay really IS.

apple pay

So let’s  talk.  The official Apple website doesn’t really make it’s new iPhone-6-only service more clear with lame copy like this:

Paying in stores or within apps has never been easier. Gone are the days of searching for your wallet. The wasted moments finding the right card. Now payments happen with a single touch.

Wait. What? Is anybody wasting a lot of MOMENTS finding the right credit card? In an era of conspicuous consumption it is clearly super important that not a moment be wasted searching for the right i-dont-have-the-cash-but-will-pay-you-later credit card. C’mon. Seriously?  Speed might be an argument but this claim is just stupid. I’m not an Apple hater, just the opposite. But that is a lame-o selling point!

If, OTOH you are in the mood to save your moments, Apple Pay is supposed to be more secure and doesn’t track user data and if you want to use it you will learn more here.

apple funny

And there are a lot of places that will accept Apple Pay; Office Depot,  Whole Foods, Urban Outfitters, Panera and the list goes on.  Visa, MasterCard and Am Ex are on board too.

BUT in the fast moving tech world before anybody even got their hip heads around e-pay with i-device; a fight broke out.


News out now that some merchants are refusing to accept Apple Pay.

ICYMI, CVS and Rite Aid both said,

“ummm no Tim Cook. we aren’t all hip to your system and we are gonna use our own”

or something like that. The warring factions have different reasons and if you are all geeked out about understanding it click here and here.

apple koolaidBottom line is that this is some big battle between Apple Pay and another e-pay option called CurrentC.

CurrentC – get it?

Before anybody cares much about the warring e-payment factions maybe the tech heads can school the rest of the world on what the e-payment fuss is all about. Meanwhile, we are doomed to even more wasted moments! Horrors!

apple pay






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