it’s called “winning” and it’s all good DC

Everybody loves a winner. Being number one. Best EVER. So topping a list is right up there. It’s like winning. Winner winner chicken dinner.  

Our nation’s capitol made it on to a lotta lists last week. Kind of like winning. Except when winning is more like, well, like losing.


Take a look at the lists making news:

  • women freezing their eggs
  • crowd sourcing
  • commute times

How freakin’ random is that?

Nobody, no BODY loves winning more than the ever-over-achieving, tightly wound, uber competitive Washingtonians.  Just ask ’em. They LOVE that winning thing. A lot.

After Facebook and Apple announced they will cover the cost of egg freezing for their employees, news broke that women in DC lead the country in postponing the whole maternity thing by freezing their eggs. Working moms will take the win on this one.


And for the group think wonky crowd, DC has more crowd sourcing success than anyone in the country. Good news for good ideas that need a bigger bankroll.


woo woo! Good so far, right?

But the wheels started coming off when Maryland, Virginia and The District of Coumbia all made the list of top seven worst states for commuting.


So making the list isn’t always a win.

It was just last week that DC made the list of top five in cities with the most rats and (in a hotly contested race) also topped the most expensive city in the country.

We live in a world of Buzz Feed fueled lists and everybody wants to make one. Sort of. But hey DC, step away from the list love, not all lists are created equal. Winner winner tofu dinner.




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