Who you calling Most Expensive?

Today’s story started out this way:

Washington, D.C.  just landed the coveted “most expensive city in America” title.

Real Washingtonians are used to being bashed about everything from congress to crime to crappy traffic so it was without chagrin that D.C. celebrated topping a list of anything.

But shifted gears to this:

Or. Did. They.

Not even a bad deed goes unpunished these days and tt’s a mad mad mad world when other cities clamor to be the MOST most expensive place to live. But that is the dealio now.

When the most-expensive city news broke in the Washington Post it quickly devolved into a national debate…let the bickering begin!

D.C . was all like  ‘say what?’ Even the giant Lincoln head shook it’s Q-tipped ears in disbelieving consternation.



You ain’t even gonna give us this one?

Oh hell no!

The I heart New York peeps and the Don’t-EVER-call-us-Frisco folks rose up to prove that their respective cities are MUCH more expensive to live in than D.C. Neither metro apparently willing to relinquish the illustrious most expensive crown.  The Atlantic jumped in with both it’s expensively shod feet;

Others are rightly pointing out that New York, San Francisco, and Honolulu have been named the most expensive places to live in basically every other meaningful study.

Turns out that Bureau of Labor Statistics  could have calculated this info a coupla ways, and if you are dying for put-yourself-to-sleep reading check out the entire housing spotlight here.   Not to let this important debate go to waste Zillow and the WSJ all weighed in too. Bashing D.C.’s new “title.”

Bottom line?  Whether you live in New York, San Francisco or Honolulu  if you REALLY want to be the most expensive to live in, then go for it.

Too bad, so sad D.C.  At this point our story warrants four words. No fish all batter.


C’mon you people! My Grandma Fran used to call this a tempest in a tea kettle. Is this really a thing? In some of the new reports NYC or San Francisco may have slipped to a lowly third place. Omigod!  Not that!

My mind is still boggled that this is something a city WANTS to win. FIGHTS to win. And said city will aggressively argue about only ranking #2 or #3!

Gee Mommy, when I grow up I want to live in the MOST expensive city in America.

Said no one ever. Boom.


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