Please put your seat back in it’s upright position. oh wait.

Margaret King is a hero.

“Airplanes are configured for rage,” says Margaret King, director for The Center for Cultural Studies & Analysis told CNBC.

Damn straight.

Remember the plastic gadget called The Knee Defender that kicked off this newest iteration of air rage?


Well, this happened.

A Haitian man was arrested on Friday in the latest installment of the no-leg-room-on-a-plane blame game. The hapless flier was travelling from Miami to Paris and was incensed when the passenger in front of him suddenly reclined the seat.

Anyone who has flown anywhere in the last few years can surely relate. Granted, grabbing the arm of a flight attendant in the process of arguing with the reclining passenger is a good way to get yourself grounded (literally) and arrested, but we still empathize with his rage.

If you’ve been keeping score, since summer ended it’s now Air Rage 3, Passengers 0 and the wild blue yonder is getting wilder all the time.


Last month, a Delta flight headed to Florida was also diverted after a dispute between passengers over a reclining seat.

The reason for the reclining rage? It isn’t just a bunch of crabby pants passengers – it’s personal space pain. Over the last several years the airlines have been sneakily making the seats smaller and closer together.

Over the last 10 years coach class seats have gone from 34 inches apart and 18.5 inches wide to 30 inches apart and 17 inches wide. That ain’t no skinny millimeter. American’s gettin’ bigger and plane seats gettin’ tinier. Yikes!

“Airlines are aggressively reducing seat and passenger space to squeeze more revenue out passengers” says Paul Hudson, president of

You don’t have to tell us.  Gone are the civil skies. Flying now means we’re wedged in as tightly as jeggings on a plus sized gal and neither is going to end well.

Jon Ostrower at and Daniel Michaels at WSJ call it The Incredible Shrinking Plane Seat.

cough*friendly skies*cough. Not so friendly, comfy OR rage-free anymore.

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