I am woman, hear me…wait. what?

Who knew that roaring was a learned skill?  Oh, that would be the peeps at the zoo in Portland. Did you see these cubs trying to learn? The video made the rounds late Friday and is so adorbs that it may make your teeth ache. In a good way.


Now, that they have your attention the folks at the zoo report that the three week old lion cubs at the Oregon Zoo are tired of being called Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3 (actually 6, 7 & 8 but you see what I mean) and so the zoo wants you to vote on real names for ’em.


Zoo keepers in Portland report that the three cubs, two girls and a boy, are doing well and walking now. Anything this cute needs a real name!




Didn’t think there was anything snarky about something this cute. Oh ye of little faith!  The cubs are NOT the prob, it’s the voting.

How fun would it be to have a real and wide-open  contest to pick names for the little lion darlings? But God knows, they couldn’t let actual people pick out actual names of their own choosing…I mean, who knows where THAT could lead?!?  So the zoo staff picked two potential names for each cub and they are asking  the public to vote on them.

Six pre-determined choices? Am I the only one thinking of protesters with umbrellas in Asia? Hong Kong elections anyone? If you’ve not been following the Hong Kong story, blogger Eric X Li writes that:

Today, half of the Hong Kong legislature is directly elected by the public and the other half by what are called functional constituencies. The chief executive, a native Hong Konger, is selected by a committee of 1,200 other Hong Kongers.

Granted, what is happening in Hong Kong is much more complicated and much more serious. BUT at the end of the day, people want to vote for their own choice, not someone’s pre-determined ones.

If you still want to vote, put down your umbrella-in-support-of Hong-Kong and you can choose from the six pre-determined choices and vote here:



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