Crouching tiger, hidden dragon, happy gilmore

Move over House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Adam Sandler is the new normal on Netflix. The creative coup pulled off by streaming service Netflix this week portends changes in Hollywood and more importantly for the regular folk, this could mean big changes in movie theatres.

Netflix announced earlier this week that it will release a sequel to the blockbuster action flick Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on the SAME day that it premiers on Imax screens.

Streaming the new movie. Available only on Netflix. At home.

No Regal Cinemas, no AMC Theatres, no popcorn, no nothing. You can almost feel the nail-biting from here.


That was followed by news that Hollywood cutie Adam ‘big box office’ Sandler has inked a deal for exclusive Netflix distribution of four new movies. No movie theater release of the Sandler movies are planned. No. Theater. Release.

Think this isn’t a big deal, think again! Movie Blog Guy Thompson on Hollywood says:

Netflix is saying to theaters:

“You aren’t part of this plan, and we have one of your top draws.”

The movie theater world she is a changing and both theaters and the studios are watching anxiously.

Theatre owners SHOULD be anxious. They royally shaft the customer at every stale popcorn-covered turn. So even if you find Adam Sandler movies sophomoric you should be cheering him on.


Here’s hoping that Netflix does set Hollywood on it’s ear.

Movie tickets and even snack prices are completely ridic. Requiring a second mortgage for a family movie night. Blogger and rocket scientist (really!) Rick Berry who calculates such things says that the soda alone comes in at $30 dollars a gallon. Regal Theatres are apparently named for the only people who can afford to go to them.

And if movies were actually GOOD these days then Hollywood wouldn’t have to be worried. Of the top 10 grossing films so far in 2014, worldwide, five are sequels, two are remakes of some kind, and 1 is a movie about living toys. Ugh.

Not exactly Gone with the Wind and generally not worth today’s 8 bucks a ticket either.  Helloooooo netflix!

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