No Secrets

I was thinking about my new blog when the dog and I were out running this morning. Actually, at our respective ages it is usually a contest to see who can go slower while still giving the illusion of running.

Today I really smoked him with my speedy pace because I had itunes radio stuffed into my ears. While huffing and puffing and thinking, I stumbled on Mary Lambert’s Secrets;

I’ve got bi-polar disorder

My shit’s not in order

I’m overweight

I’m always late

I’ve got too many things to say

I rock mom jeans, cat earrings

Extrapolate my feelings

Well I’m over it

I don’t care if the world knows what my secrets are

Seems to me that those lyrics explain most blogging. I know. Right? The internet is littered with self-indulgent web-logs written by women with “something to say.” Who needs another one?

Not. So. Fast.

Unlike the new song my blogging won’t be any secrets, because who really gives a damn about MY secrets.

Instead, once a week in Smart and Snarky I’ll be posting entertaining, thought provoking and perhaps engaging blogs focused on the most interesting news story this week. Think HuffPo & Politico meet Erma Bombeck & Connie Schulz.

The back story to Smart and Snarky?


Turns out I live a mile away from one of the premiere writing schools in the country, Bethesda Writers Center, so I figure I oughta get some mileage out of the proximity. I mean, Maryland is too expensive and life’s too short! Right?

If I could write for a living I would. But the fam & I learned the hard way that while I CAN write for a living we would apparently have to live on $10k a year.

Ummm. No.

Your girl likes cool shoes and great haircuts and nice purses- and that requires earning a dollar or two over 10k. So buh bye agent and manuscripts and hello day job.

But earning the Benjamins aside, I am a better person when I write.

Writing gets me out of my own silly head.

Maybe someday when I retire I can do this writing work that I love.

Until then, I’ve got news stories to share.

And if I’m clever enough or lucky enough or blessed enough to blog a book along the way… then gimme a big hallelujah.


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